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Things You Need to Know about Cloud Hosting Services

One of the popular trends in marketing today is online marketing and this has brought about the emergence of cloud hosting services to answer to the growing demand. Dedicated cloud hosting services provide you with virtual storage where you can put up your website. In order for a business to host a single domain, cloud hosting services will offer the basic services. This also comes with its own email so that your business has its own email account. This is the least you can get from a cloud hosting service company for your money.

Before choosing a dedicated cloud hosting service company, here are some criteria to guide you.

1) The first criteria is: Your cloud hosting service should give you unlimited storage. Unlimited storage enables you to store videos, pictures and large files with your cloud hosting service. This frees your other storage spaces for other files not directly connected to your business.
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2) Secondly, does your cloud hosting service allow you to put up unlimited domains? This allows you to put up as many websites as you can, though you must buy the domain names. There is no limit to the number of websites you can put up if you have unlimited storage and unlimited domains. This is a feature you need to make sure of because there are dedicated cloud hosting services that allow you unlimited storage but do not allow you to host more than one domain.
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3) Thirdly, does your cloud hosting service allow you to create multiple email accounts? You should be able to create an email account for each of your clients for each website. You clients will have the impression that your business is run efficiently and therefore create a positive image in their minds about how orderly you run things.

4) Choose a cloud hosting service that will support a newsletter management system, where you can develop, manage, and email your own newsletters. Through emailed newsletters you can update your clients on recent developments and trends.

5) Choose a cloud hosting service that has an unlimited autoresponder. Part of an efficient system is the ability of an unlimited autoresponder to send multiple emails at a time, on schedule.

6) Next criteria is about sending emails and newsletters: Your cloud hosting service should allow you to send them individualized by name. Each of your clients’ names should appear on every email and newsletter your unlimited autoresponder sends them.

7) Lastly, choose a cloud hosting service that has a very good customer service record and is available to you 24/7. It is very important that your cloud hosting service is available to you especially when your website is down, because you can lose money.