Understanding Blogs

Write Because You Love It And Not Because You Have An Audience to Entertain

There are a lot of blogs out there and the smorgasbord of platforms gives voice to those who feel that their lives are so mundane. Whether you are a techie person who blogs about the latest technological advancement or a mom who lovingly maintains a home and raises kids, the best blogging platform can be your voice to reach out to others.

For beginners, pleasing their readers is always the first thing that comes to mind for them when they start blogging. While this may be true, there’s more to blogging than just raking in visitors. It is always exciting to see that our dashboard is busy with comments from visitors and our stats counter continue to move. But sometimes, there are just those days that we feel that our efforts to entertain is not yielding the results we want to see.

Sometimes, despite our best efforts to fill our pages with fresh contents, there will be days that visitors won’t come and that the comments section will dry up. Although this is a horrific idea for most bloggers, we can certainly learn a thing or two from this if we only take things into perspective. We have to understand that there is more to blogging than the daily views we get. It is more of communicating freely with the world regardless if you have a listening audience or not.

Blogging is something that shouldn’t cause us any stress, rather we should take it as a platform for us to freely talk regardless of visitors. The kids can always provide us an inspiration on how we should look at blogging.

Kids easily get inspired by the things going around them. They can always go crazy about a certain sport or a hobby, but there will also come a time that they will lose interest with what they’re doing. And so they move on to another activity. That should be the way we see blogging.

This is not to say that we simply abandon our followers or that we stop writing. Rather, this is to say that we shouldn’t consider writing as a chore but more of a passion to share our stories to the world. Blogging should become our platform to share a piece of our life story to the world without having to mind the stats counter or our dashboards.

The best blogging platform can always provide us with the right pages that are pleasing to our readers’ eyes. However, it is still up to us to fill the pages with our stories without having to feel obligated to watch our stats counter.