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Factors to Consider in Business Communication.

The interaction between people of the same organization for effective production is referred as business communication.examples of aspects included in the business communication are;advertising,consumer behavior,customer relations,marketing,branding,event engagement,employee engagement.

Business communication involves several media for communication including print media,television,radio internet and word of mouth.

various colleges and universities acknowledge the importance of including business communication as a unit in their curriculums. This is because of its importance in the business world which is the main employment sector in the society. the good performance of an business organization us of highly contributed by the effective communication between the members.

for a business communication to be good the choice of communication method example of a communication method is use of web-based communication enhancing communication at different place and time. use of videos in conferencing which is a method allowing interaction of people at different place. through reporting different departments are able to communicate effectively.This helps in the exchange of information and gives a platform for communication among the employees. Presentation are held in open forums as a way of continuous education and business communication for improved production of the company. presentations are made through audiovisual materials that includes; hard copies of reports, Microsoft PowerPoint or adobe flash. face to face meetings and forum boards are used in business communication ,which should later be documented.The use of suggestion box in an organization as a method of business communication is also of a result contributing input. This is mostly used as an upward communication method because it is used by those employees who may shy from communicating to the management directly when they write a note of their suggestions or complaints and throw it in the suggestion box.

business communication is made possible through several directions of communication. Top-down communication involves the communication of the management to the employees using memos, circulars, newsletters, e-mails and others. Bottom-up occurs where the employees pass information to the management using proporsals, reports,emails and others. passing of information among employees of the same department is called horizontal communication. This takes place through use of circulars e-mails, telephones and others.Diagonal communication is the communication between managements of different levels who have no direct relationship.

more factors to consider in business communication are as follows.face to face communication is a contributing factor to better sale of products and services. customers can have a taste of the product and this helps the customer to be convinced.maintaining a good eye contact is important in face to face communication. In the Use of emails in business, there should be careful choice of words used in the communication. in the use of telephone communication it is important to be clear, reflect a good attitude and escape use of unnecessary words. Listen carefully and do not interrupt unnecessary.

it requires people with good business communication skills for an organization to prosper.

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