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Leasing Consultant: How to Negotiate a Cell Tower Lease

When it comes to cell tower leases, it is a unique experience incomparable to residential or commercial real estate lease. The weighing scale of negotiations seems to always tip in favor of the telecommunications company. You might be a newbie when it comes to cell tower negotiations but before even engaging with the actual negotiation process, you have to be knowledgeable about cell tower leases, terms, and rates for your benefit. You might have received an offer from a representative of a telecommunications company and it’s important to contact a cell tower expert in order to succeed and make the deal more favorable to you.

Always bear in mind that business terms always come first before leasing revisions, so if both parties cannot agree on business terms, making any changes to the lease won’t make sense. There is a high risk of time, money, and effort wasted for reviewing the cell tower lease on your own, so better hire a cell tower consultant to take good care of all the details for you. You need to bear in mind that a cell tower lease is not just calculated basing on square footage. A cell tower expert can enlighten you on how a cell tower lease should be calculated.

Did you receive a call or offer from Castle Tower recently but you have no idea how much you really need to make out of a cell tower installation on your property? It is important to keep in mind that there are things you have to consider when negotiating for a cell tower lease, most especially that it involves a long-term contract, wherein the average lowest annual cost of cell tower lease is $100, and reaching up to $45,000 a year on an average. When it comes to the details of a cell tower lease such as the term, the lease area, the rent escalator, and the access rights, they are all negotiable. It is important to read every line, and before signing the dotted line, consult a cell tower expert. Do not be allured by the promises of the telecommunications company, make sure any verbal agreement is carefully indicated in the lease, and don’t be pressured from signing the lease right away.

Negotiation of a cell tower lease is really a tricky business, so you have to be a smart property owner and seek the services of a cell tower expert. There might be hidden costs that cannot be renegotiated for the years or decades to come. If you want to contact a cell tower expert now, allow us to help you out, feel free to check our homepage or website now.

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