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Sports, comfort, fashion, beauty and protection, are some of the many reasons that people wear shoes. There are many types of shoes all designed for different purposes. Example of the different types of shoes are boots, high heeled shoes, flat shoes, sandals, sports shoes and slip on shoes. There are also shoes which can be worn for a whole day comfortably while others are only worn for a few hours.

Wearing the wrong type of shoe and walking around with them will make your feet hurt and uncomfortable. There are many problems that are associated with people who are on their feet for long hours like back pain, varicose veins, prolonged pressure on some muscles, pooling of blood especially for people who do not walk around, coronary heart disease might be triggered, lower muscle aches.

All these problems can be fixed easily by starting with the best shoes to wear for the people on their feet for long hours. Over the recent years, shoe designers have made shoes that can be worn comfortably all day standing. The idea of designing a shoe that can be worn for a whole day is because some people may not have the time to keep on changing shoes after every few hours.

Some of these shoes are in different categories like in sports we have tennis shoes, boots for the handy people and many more. Most of these shoes have been fitted with cushioned insoles to keep your feet comfortable all day standing. When buying shoes to wear for long hours, the good thing is to get a pair of shoes with the right arch support which will balance the body weight equally along the feet. The cushioning of the shoes goes hand in hand with the right arch support. Another thing to consider when buying all day standing shoes is that they are protecting your feet from injuries that might be work related and also that they have a good grip and do not slide off easily. It is also good to get shoes with a wide toe box and have a circulation of air in and out of the shoe.

Another major problem associated with feet and shoes is the bunion. This deformity usually occurs at the base of the toe. Although most of the bunions are caused by wearing poor shoes, some can be caused by arthritis or even passed on from family members genetically. Bunions can only be removed permanently if one undergoes surgery. The best way to reduce the swelling and the pain is by wearing comfortable shoes. Bunion sufferers should at no point wear high heeled shoes or narrow toe shoes. There are many websites like Shoe Wow where you can learn about the right and the wrong shoes to wear and also the many feet conditions and how to treat them.

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